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Hiking Shoe Tip:
If you are plagued by
slip-sliding heels, use our
suggestion, Lace your shoes
as usual but leave the top
two eyelets unlaced. Then do
the following:
1. Bring the left lace through
the second-to-last right
eyelet from underneath and
then directly into the top
right eyelet from above. Pull
out a small loop.
2. Do the same with the right
lace on the left side.
3. Bring the left lace over to
the right and through the
loop. Do the same with the
right lace.
4. Pull on the laces so the
loops tighten. Voila: Heel
slippage solved
Outdoor PNW Tip:
Dress in layers, protect
your hands and feet, and
pay attention to the
forecast can help you
stay safe and warm while
exercising outdoors in
cold weather.  Be
prepared for the
conditions depending on
your activity and location
by taking essentials like
extra bike tire, head
lamp, and first aid kit.
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First Choice Health Network

Kaiser * Always Requires a Doctors Referral




Premera *BlueCross * Blue Shield

Regence BlueShield




Worker's Compensation - L & I

*Do you not see your insurance company listed?
Give us a call, it is typical that other named insurance companies are partnered with one of the above listed.  In addition, sometimes we
can treat you as an out of network provider.
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